Recognition for innovation

DBE 528 Hz- was awarded the Silver Innovation Award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia awards for innovation represent the highest recognition for innovative achievements of Slovenian companies and other organizations, and thus the promotion of innovation in Slovenia.  It is the largest, most resonant, and most recognizable Slovenian event in the field of innovation intended for recognizing, connecting, and rewarding Slovenian innovators.

The series of DBE 528 Hz fragrances definitely stood out from all the other nominated and awarded innovations, being the only one not related to telephone apps or the pharmaceutical niche, but instead to that immaterial, but nevertheless very present and actual aspect that demands our attention, our human layer composed of that which makes us human - our memories, dreams, visions, traumas, and emotions.

We are truly happy that judging from the comments of other awardees and jury, that there is still awareness for the need to preserve what it means to be a human from the point of view of technology and innovation, for if we lose our ability to strive to realize our visions, we lose our most human attribute, our ability to visualize, conceptualize and innovate, also on an emotional level.

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us along the way to make it to this point!

Art work copyrights

Each bottle of DBE, 528 Hz is hand engraved with a unique handmade ceramic top.

All Copyrights and Reproduction rights are retained by artists Eva Pertič and Mateja Š. Dimic. These artworks may not be reproduced by any process or material without the written permission of both artists.

DBE LimEd 528 Hz

Eau de Parfum, Lim. Ed. 528 Hz

The DBE collection tunes to three notes, to the tune of CURIOSITY, EMPATHY and A MESSAGE FROM EARTH - the three features that would keep us company even in outer space. Formulated by artist Eva Petrič, fragrances produced by H. Reynaud & Fils, GmbH, France

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